About Us

Bill’s Small Engine Repair was founded in 2013, but the roots of our shop go back much further than that. Our dad, Robert Barcus, Sr., worked on small engines, lawn mowers and tractors for family and friends on the farm here on Muckshaw Road for many years until his passing in 2011. Those skills were easily picked up by Bill Barcus, the owner and founder of our little business.

When Bill decided to start his business, he wanted to use the same tools and time-honored techniques as our dad had used, with a few modern additions. Many of the tools in our shop have been handed down through the family. The drill press, grinder and vise were all from Grandpa Barcus's shop in Plymouth.

The best part about Bill's Small Engine Repair is the friendly, personalized service you'll receive. Bill’s wife helps in the office and Bill’s mom answers the phone from time-to-time. Bill’s brother helps run everything on the computer and built this website. As you can tell, it’s a real family-orientated business.

Bill's Small Engine Repair now offers a full range of small engine services at an affordable price. We can fix almost anything here at our shop in Argos - lawn mowers, garden tractors, weed trimmers, chainsaws, garden tillers, snow blowers and more!

Growth and Expansion

Bill’s Small Engine Repair is continuing to grow with the addition of a new office built onto the shop in late 2013. Our stock continues to grow as well, with hundreds of small engine parts in stock. In 2014, the business expanded again by including a successful eBay sales channel.

We're still building our new online store, so be patient while we continue expanding our inventory. If you need something now, just contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Stop by anytime and ask Bill your questions about your small engine repair needs. We're here to help!